n e w. b e g i n n i n g s


it's been awhile since i've made an appearance. shared a few words.

first, happy october 1st. this is my favorite day of the year because october is my very favorite month of the year. the anticipation of the holidays and all things autumn makes me really happy. this time of year in seattle is extras special like a special dose of magical. a few things that make me really happy include; pumpkin spice anything and everything (especially starbucks americanos and lattes), cozy sweaters, boot season, the crackling of a fire inside, the beautiful changing leaves, the holidays fast approaching, football. i could go on and on. 

this past year (and it's not over yet) has been one of the most challenging years of my life. i do plan to share more about this season we've been in but for now i will just say that even though it's only october and not quiet 2018 i am already anticipating a wonderful year ahead. and it's going to start right now. i hope you will follow along. 

i made a few updates to my blog? can you tell? what do you think. does anyone still follow this small corner of the internet? 

i changed my instagram handle from "peubird" to "jennankoehn" which is my first and last name with my middle initial in between because "jennakoehn" was taken. which has me wondering who all the other jenna koehn's are and if we should meet someday becasue why not. 

so what's new over here... 

my husband and i recently moved neighborhoods in seattle from our upper queen anne rental to wedgewood. it's taking us some time to get into a new rhythm and groove. we love our neighborhood and at the same time miss our old neighborhood terribly.  our new neighborhood feels a bit more quiet. a little bit more removed from the city (by only a handful of miles) it is quaint and charming and i am sure we will settle in in no time. our dear friends live next door which was one of the main reasons we wanted to move (because when will we ever live next door to our bestest of friends? maybe never who knows so we took full advantage of this opportunity). we are renting our current home and making minor modern updates to it. we painted the entire home white and are in the process of changing out some of the light fixtures (since you can take those with you when you move). i want to paint the fire place black but we shall see. we have a lot of work to do in the yard but hope to put in a hot tub this winter season for cozy nights outside year round. 

we are stuck in a show hole so if you have any recommendations please send them our way. i might have a problem but i think i've watched everything worth watching on netflix etc. 

these were random thoughts. more of those to come over the next year. 

tell me something random about you.