snorkel fun!

since we are coming up on our one year wedding anniversary its only natural that i reminisce about both our wedding day and honeymoon. below are a few photos i found on our computer of our snorkel adventure. i wish i could share some of the videos because they are pretty hilarious. we used our Go Pro for the first time on this trip for videos... so you can only image what kind of ridiculous snorkel videos we captured. we just watched them and laughed until our bellies hurt. if you have any idea how to include them in blog post on square space please do comment below. id love to share a few ;)


getting snorkels on with bleached blonde hair is serious business and seriously hurts ;)


his photos were of his face, i missed my face completely.... GoPro newbie...


i found it really hard to stay underwater... but they made us wear the vests and im glad they did because safety comes first!


i am really happy i married this man. this past year has been an adventure, snorkeling in tulum was an adventure too but life is wild and beautiful and worth the craziness that it can be!