Madewell Dreaming

Madewell has always been a favorite store of mine. Everything I have ever bought from Madewell (minus their T-shirts) have stayed in excellent condition and are classics in my closet. Items I bought several years from there are still rotated out and sold various seasons of the year and the items that haven't sold since they were first featured are still classic pieces that I continue to wear on the daily. I haven't found Madewell T-shirts to work for me. They don't hold their shape for me when I wash them (and I am really careful when I was clothes and hang dry 99% of my items). I also have 2 cats with claws and they seem to leave their mark on my T-shirts.... that's not a Madewell quality problem but I hold my cats against their will problem (I understand this) but it just never fails when I wear a Madewell T so I just don't buy them anymore...... Below are a items that are swoon worthy (in my opinion) any of these items I'm sure belong in my closet but right now that's not in the budget so I'll just blog about them ;)