Wedding Part 2

Sharing this post about our wedding is something magical! I have put off sharing about our wedding because in all honesty I've felt like my words would never do the day justice. Our wedding day was truly the most special day of our lives. For me, it was an absolute dream come true. I grabble with thoughts wondering how I could possibly pick just a few photos and share a few words that would do the day justice. I realize you simply can't and that's alright. There are so many moments from that day that will be my very own. It's really something special and I think that's how it is supposed to be.....

With all of that being said I come to an entirely new subject and that is how could I possibly thank all of those that were involved in making our special day so special. Our wedding planning was a bit hectic and for all of you who don't know there were days I wondered how it would all come together. Even the week before the wedding there were so many things that were up in the air. (I know this is true for most weddings) but our situation was something for the books. Those who are aware about the string of events can laugh about it now because John and I sure did (even while it was all happening we stayed true to what matted most and that was US and exchanging vows).  I may share bits about it all in future posts but the reason I mention it here and now is because when I say there were folks who stepped up, even complete strangers who heard about our wedding mishaps and offered to help out for no other reason except out of kindness.... well there is no way to truly say thank you to you!  I will always, remember my wedding day because it was the best day to date in my life but I will also always, always remember those who were a part of it. You blessed us in ways you will never understand and I felt nothing but love. I will forever be grateful to you all (you know who you are).

Our table was designed by a dear friend Linda Faucett Lindholm. She is incredibly talented and helped me on most wedding decisions (which flowers to purchase, ribbon colors etc.) Linda designed our wedding table and set it up for us on the day of the wedding. She also  did all of our flowers for us. We are so happy (happy doesn't do it justice so include all happy words here_____) with the way it turned out.  Our dinner table had 23 place settings for the 23 people who were invited to attend our private wedding ceremony. We sat family style for dinner, just the way John and I had envisioned. Our wedding dinner truly felt like a family dinner. It will be one of my very favorite parts of our wedding because we truly got to engage with all of those seated around us. 

All of our table decor (plates, drinking glasses, silverware) were from Classic Vintage Rentals. You can view Tracy's collection by viewing her site here. and all of these items are available to rent for any event or occasion. Tracy was so amazing to work with. She was responsive and kind and helpful. ALL very important when planning an event. Customer service is so important to me and Tracy exceeded my expectations. She went above and beyond in every way possible and I will always remember the kindness she shed on John and I. Tracy owns Classic Vintage Rentals which is located in the Pacific North West. You can rent various items from her shop for any event and of course would recommend her business to anyone.  Side note, the gold silverware still makes me grin ear to ear!

Our name tags and menu's for each place setting were designed by Julia Rohde Designs. You can view her work here. Her work is incredible and we are honored that her beautiful calligraphy work was scattered along our family style dinner table. The name tags and menus really completed each setting. Julia was one of those who people who stepped up to help John and I (who are complete strangers). It really truly amazes me and reminds me that kind people do exist (which of course I know) but this was a reminder to me to love harder on others. Julia thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and John to make our table the dream I had envisioned. 

My mom ordered fresh bread from The Bread Peddler here. My favorite bakery in Olmypia. My mom wrapped them just like the Pinterest photo I shared with her. I am so happy with how they turned out and for a detail oriented person like me all of these small details mattered to me. I wanted our dinner to be very special for those who were involved because they are so loved by John and I both. 

Our friends cooked and served our entire dinner. I can't even begin to find the words to thank them for their selfless act of kindness. They spent all day cooking our dream meal, that John had planned. They even served our dinner for us. To be sitting at a table with our closest family members and having our closest friends serve us a meal was truly special. 

We served:

Fresh baked bread
Seasonal Salad
Parmesan Roasted Potatoes
Garlic Asparagus Tips
Prime Rib Roast
King Salmon 

I knew that I wanted our dessert to come from Wagner's a European Style Bakery in Olmypia that also holds a special place in my heart. We served: carrot cake, white cake with Bavarian cream, and Carrot Cake, White cake with Bavarian cream, and coconut macaroons   

Sitting on the front porch of the beautiful mansion with those loved ones sharing a beautiful meal, laughing, conversing and toasting was so special and so much fun. My father shared a toast and our 3 siblings who were in our bridal party all shared beautiful words and toasted our love. The crazy part about all of this is I remember it ALL. So many folks  shared with me that they don't remember their wedding day or it was a blur (I could see how easily this could happen) but keeping our ceremony and dinner party to 23 people really allowed us to be present and soak it all in and I remember all of these very special moments. I am thankful that we stayed true to what we wanted and followed our hearts on that one. 

cheers to a lifetime of love!

All photos by Carina Skrobecki