i am delighted to feature CYNY clothe your neighbor as yourself. 

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself is a nonprofit clothing brand built on the promise that for every item you purchase, we provide clothing to someone in need… with 100% of the profit.

Every purchase gives 100% of the profit directly to those in need. The best part? You pick the cause at checkout.

I am starting a new series where I feature a new brand, company (you name it) each month under this tab "brand". These are companies/brands I am excited about and passionate about. Their work stands out to me one way or the other and so I want to help spread the word and share about it with all of you. This month I am featuring CYNY. I will interview the companies and post about it in each feature so that you can get a better sense about who they are and what they are all about. Some of the questions might be completely random but I always find that it is easier to connect to a brand and or relate to brand when you learn some of quirks that make them tick, facts you wouldn't have known unless you asked.

So please do yourself a favor and check out CYNY here and enjoy the below interview I had with Miss Karlye Hayes. Karlye is CYNY's STORY-TELLER and a bit about her...

Karlye, using her two hands with uneven thumbs, creatively puts into words all of the stories that result from the profits from your order with us. When she's not writing, editing, or sending emails to our partnering organizations, she is writing for her blog (see it here!), playing music, reading or drinking coffee on someone's front porch (anyone's front porch will do). Her love language is being punny, and she is absolutely enamored with nature. She's CYNY's resident goofball.

Why do you wake up and want to go to work each day?

I want to work because I am blessed enough to be using my skill of choice, writing, to bring the good out of our consumers as well as the neighbors that are affected by their giving. God literally put me in a place where I can do what I love to help the world that I love, and that freaking rocks. 

What is your favorite memory working for CYNORG?

Recently, James and I went to SafeHouse Outreach, which is one of our partners, and I was moved beyond any other moment with CYNY. After we were done interviewing our friends in the work program, I had to leave to get ready for work, and as I was leaving, there was a man sitting on the ground next to the building. His name is Jeremy. He is homeless, and he is at SafeHouse almost every day. He isn't a part of the work program, but that doesn't mean that he has nothing to offer. I went over to him and we talked for a bit. I found out he loves writing poetry and has recited his works at SafeHouse in the past. My degree was in poetry, so I instantly grew excited to talk to this kind soul. I asked if he could read me one of his pieces, and he gladly pulled out his notebook to share himself with me. I was blown away at his piece. It was entirely about depending on God through everything in life. I was at the verge of tears with inspiration because this wonderful man has been physically and financially reduced to nothing due to homelessness; yet spiritually, he overflows in abundance. I will never forget that moment with him, and since befriending him, I have held myself accountable more in living for God daily. No matter what social status we are in, none of us are better. We are all on equal playing fields and we are family. Gosh, I am revisiting that excitement just typing this!

Currently what is your favorite item on the site?

My favorite is the Dexter Fedora! I am a fan of hats and a bigger fan of covering up bad hair days (and when you have dreads, that happens quite often). This comrade has not only held up in all weather and temperatures, but it also has made people think that I am actually a trendy person, when really, I usually wear at least one item I slept in the night before. 

What is the coolest thing (in your opinion) that CYNORG has accomplished to date?

Dude, I have no idea. There is never a time where I don't say, "Holy crap, James! That is freaking awesome!" I am constantly amazed by God's hand in our company, and I think with that, I am constantly thinking it is the coolest thing that I am even a part of this crazy-goodness. I mean, God is using us to better our family's lives around the world with just clothes! That never goes out of style!


I hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about CYNY and Miss Karlye, a face behind CYNY and the cool, rad, amazing work that they are doing. Until next month.....

photos and information is from cyny