cozy fall favorites

b e a u t y. product. F A V O R I T E S.

my favorite beauty products. these are tried and true and so i had to share. 

a few thoughts about a few of the products:

i have been using aveda for a few years. this is a new product i have been using for about a month. i curl my hair, let the curls dry and spray in this texture spray to loosen up the curls and give it a relaxed "beachy" look. it gives it texture without looking "wet"

the "puff me" product is one of the best hair products i have ever used to date. i just ordered 2 more bottles. it's reasonably priced and works like a charm. i put it in at the roots for extra body when I backcomb my roots and when my hair is straight and or i put it all over my hair when it's curled for extra volume. 

(continued below products)

sugar lip gloss is really expensive. i really, really like the product and don't have any negative reviews but i don't think any "chapstick" should be so expensive so....that's that.

the nars "orgasm" blush is very pink. pink works for me because i like my blush to show but if that's not your thing you might not be happy with the product. 

the lotion is a must! when i bought it i felt ridiculous and was a bit worried it would smell too good like the kind of good you eat but honestly it's so amazing and feels like butter! its absolutely one of my current favorite products, especially in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. 

if you have any questions about anything comment below!